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May was a month of games, I filmed about 6 battle reports for the YouTube channel. Almost finished off my very modest goal of my Cold War, Hot French. Missed it by one mini, but then again games like Seven Days to the River Rhine make it easy to accomplish projects. I did some major spring cleaning as well, re-organized my painting station and my miniature cabinet. This ate into a lot of toddler is asleep hobby time, but I was able to find some minis that I had no plans for and chuck them on eBay. This in turn gave me the slush funds necessary to finally take the plunge into Adeptus Titancus (thanks a lot Casey) but more on that later.

Organized Cab.JPG

Status of Projects

This is where I come clean with projects I have declared and left by the wayside

Project Flow Chart.jpg

Cold War Gone Hot

This is where a majority of work went into. Finishing the VABs and AMX 10ps off with a light drybrush of Utshabi Bone really made these minis pop. I highly recommend doing this with your NATO Tricolor vehicles.


Adeptus Titanicus

I have been eying this game for a while. Casey finally pushed me over the edge and I went all in. I won’t belabor it here but IMO the best way into this game is to buy the Titan Battle Group box, its $170 USD for $230 worth of miniatures. After watching an extensive amount of videos I purchased some magnets and decided the best way to tackle this project is to spray all the sprues in Leadbelcher, wash them in Nulin Oil and Agrax Earthshade, dry brush Necron Compound and paint the armor on the sprue.

I choose to do the Legio Solaria mainly because I wanted to their Green Mottled armor, and also because I am reading Titandeath (highly recommend).

AT 18 1.JPG
AT 18 2.JPG
AT 18 3.JPG

To do this I paint the armor plates in Caliban Green, lightly sponged Pallid Wych Flesh, washed with Biel-tann Green and sponge again with Pallid Wych Flesh. This was actually a super straight forward process and a ton of time as saved by washing and dry brushing before I painted the armor plates. I still have to go back and do the base and some highlights so I am not calling it complete but its real close!


Three (really two) Spectre Operations reports in May. What can I say, this game is fun to play and it helps that I have a fully painting French Foreign Legion Force along with some COS as Elite Operatives.

Spectre Report.jpeg

But if you have been reading this blog you will know in this short period of time that I am a sucker forproject. Since this game is on a pretty small scale miniature wise, I think it’s prudent to have some enemy force for my FFL. I present the Ocelot Mercenary Group (OMG). I know what a acronym:

Ocolot Mercenary Group.JPG

I took bits from the Wargames foundry modern sprue and the Warlord Games British Commandos to make some awesome Metal Gear Solid 3 esque duders. I can run these as Elite or as Professional and I am really happy on how the kitbashing went and I cannot wait (I guess I can wait until the titans are done) to get them painted.

Also, I am putting together some ‘regular’ GRU from the MGS series as well as an assortment of people in civilian clothes that can act as a trained or militia force for both the FFL and the OMG.

Spectre Operations.JPG


Going forward I am going to put all of my energy against my Legio Solaria and Spectre Operations ‘Ocelot Mercenary Group’ (also need to finish the one Helo for Cold War, Hot French . I am partaking in the PATM monthly painting challenge so please follow along there and throw your own projects in the ring. It’s amazing what you can get done over time with just a little bit of effort each day. Sorry for the short entry, but like I said the May was a gaming month.

At the conclusion of this entry I am sitting at 133 of 365 miniatures painted this year.

Thanks for reading and feel free to reach out to me at or any social media platform and check out previous articles at or the YouTube Channel

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