Decisive Operations Rulebook Review Statement of Purpose

Decisive Operations Rulebook Review Statement of Purpose

The objectives of my book reviews are as follows:

Cover everything you need to know as a gamer in as few paragraphs as possible. We all have busy lives and I want to provide quick, accurate, and actionable assessments 

Create a scale that makes sense and is realistic. We are in the golden age of gaming, personally I have 3 categories:

 1) I will play this game. Defined as: I will go out of my way to carve time from work, family, and other games that I enjoy trying this new game.

 2) I might play this game. Defined as: If someone in my gaming group is willing to champion this game I’ll play, maybe. 

3) I won’t play this game. Defined as: Could be a great game but I have no desire to try nor am I willing to play even if I have a champion for this game. This for me is personified as the Fallout Miniature Game, sorry Dave. 

Follow up. If I rate the game as, I will play this game, I will do my due diligence and play this game. This will generate a rapid game play review where the game will be filed as:

1) Main Game. Defines as: I will dedicate most of my hobby or gaming time to play this. 

2) Side Game. I will dedicate time to hobby or play this game. It’s in the rotation but will only take away from a Main Game if I am looking to change things up in the near term. 

3) Not for me. Defined as: Right now this game is not for me.

Now that I have spent more time on describing my rubric than I want to spend on to my reviews. On to the review!


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