Decisive Operations: The Game!

Decisive Operations v1.2 Rules, Map, and Game Pieces

It has been a busy couple of months since the last update but Decisive Operations the Game is finally ready to be viewed by the public. The intent here is to hammer out some small details of the game as well as the multiplayer option and have multiple maps and orders of battles before it hits “publication” most likely as a print to demand product, but maybe a kickstarter if there is enough support.

You can enjoy this game in two ways right now, click the link above as a print and play option or play it on table top simulator!

Please be rough with this, especially the table top simulator mod. My peek modding days were in the height of COVID19, so there is probably a more effective way of doing it and I am out of practice.

If you are interested in the design process I was lucky enough to be a guest speaker at Connections Online!

The latest development for Decisive Operations is that this game is being played by the School of Advanced Military Studies as apart of the road to war campaign analysis. Lots of new and exciting feedback to include a great team building multiplayer mode.

Happy Gaming!


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  1. Loved the game! Great way to conceptualize the tension between execution and planning elements.

  2. The spin with FUOPS giving the initial order set to CUOPS and keeping the teams in separate room was solid and felt realistic. Haven’t played a board game like it. Well done!

  3. Great game! Really showed the challenge that comes from groups having to work together but each with their own goals and desires. Easy to learn but lots of room for freedom and creativity in game play!

  4. Excellent game that highlights the importance of clear understanding in approach between the CUOPS and FUOPS cell and where CUOPS has flexibility in decision-making. It is also a great springboard for discussion on the difference between finite and infinite games and how that impacts your approach to winning.

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