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Adepticon 2022 like it’s 2003!

Having just returned from Adepticon, I figured that one consolidated article about the four games I intended to play going forward would be the best way to tackle this article. These chosen few are Epic Armageddon, ESR Napolonics, Steel Rift, and Battletech.

Epic Armageddon

I have blogged about Epic Armageddon a few times before, from the basics to the road to Adepticon this year, and very few things have changed. Except I have a new, fully painted army!

Most of my army are old GW metals, and the Leman Russ, Salamanders, Hydras, and Manticores are from Trolls Under the Bridge. The narrative for my force is that a band of Chaos Dwarves (from my Warmaster Army) somehow bridged the time-space continuum and found themselves in the 41 millennia. They did what they do best and built/stole some tanks, and here they are as my Chaos Squat Tank Legion… this has no effect in the game, but I am working on some conversions for the objectives and dwarves poking out of the tanks, etc….

Also, the flyers are from the much teased but personally loved Aeronautica Imperialis

ESR Napolonics

I have long viewed this game from afar, but it was always just out of reach from the extensive list of Napoleonic games that exist. My first impression of the game after my demo and reading the rulebook is that this will be a go-to game. I love the game Blücher, and I am beginning to understand the difference between Grand Tactical Games and Operational Games. The decisions, mechanics, and even language in the rule book eloquently portray that your decisions are based on how, when, and where to employ your combat power effectively to defeat your opponent. I know you are reading this going, Dan; I don’t see the difference. I understand the feeling, and I hope to flesh this out more with some gameplay videos coming soon! Needless to say, I enjoyed my game

Steel Rift

Ash Barker made another game, and Death Ray Designs designed (that’s funny to say) modular mechs… I mean, I don’t see what else more I have to say.

I have a hard time with Battletech Alpha Strike and can’t seem to strike a balance between rapid gameplay and wanting to play something that resembles Battletech. The result is, similar to my problems with strategem cards in 40k that I hit cognitive overload making decisions that are not fun, or there is so much abstraction that it’s hard for me to stay engaged.

Judging from the let’s play the video and watching some gameplay at Adepticon, I think this is precisely the game for me when I want multiple mechs on the table and rapid but meaningful gameplay. Additionally, these minis are high-quality prints, weapons are easily customizable, and they pop off the sprue-like a dream. I haven’t even been using clippers to pop them off the supports and have yet to damage a mini as I would with an at-home printer.


El Game itself. Specifically, the con-special all weekend long Grinder even. This was akin to showing up at a craps table on a cruise casino, except instead of winning money, you win battlemechs. If you have no idea what I am talking about, click this link to read more about the grinder. I think this concept has some use for open gaming at the FLGS to help spread the good word of Battletech, or at least with friends who may not know a lot about the game but wanna kick a few adult beverages back and play with stompy robots.

In summation, I can’t recommend enough to give ESR Napolonics 3rd Edition and Steel Rift a try in the “new game” category.

Don’t overlook the oldy, but a goody in Battletech and what is dead may never die in the classic game of Epic Armageddon (or just like Gandalf the White, 40k as it was meant to be).

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