Tale of One Wargamer Ep 2: The Golden Horde

Months 1 and 2 are in the books for our local 1k narrative league. I have to say, I absolutely love 1k points or better known as Incursion size games of 40k. This edition is less focused on game play and more focused on how I painted my Golden Horde. For ease of reading I linked the paints to Noble Knight games with my affiliate code already applied but as also support your local game store first!

Step 1

Retributor Armor Base Spray accelerates this process greatly. Apply a nice even coat, don’t stress too much because you are going to hit the model with gold again before we start.

Step 2

Next, apply a nice even coat of Retributor Armour all over the model, this will smooth out the paint, allow the wash to settle better, and cover those hard to spray areas.

Next, we’re going to wash the model with Reikland Fleshshade and when after the wash dries we are going to drybrush with Sigmarite to really make the gold pop.

Step 3

Now we are going to paint the gems Warpstone Glow and the plumes Pearl White and Contrast Apothecary White

Step 4

Blood Angels Red will be applied to the shoulders and any other place I want red. The contrast paint over gold really makes the Red shine!!

Step 5

Black Templar Administratum Grey was applied to the hilt and Night Lords Blue Hoeth Blue Pearl White as applied to the sword to give it a slight lightning effect.

Step 6

Vallejo Dark Earth Acrylic Texture was applied to the base. I like to dry brush with a tan then again with a white to give the ground some texture and depth.

And that’s it! 7 easy steps to start getting paint on your minis!

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