Tale of One Warlord: Part 1

I decided to step my big toe back into 40k with a 1000 point narrative league. What follows is a bi-monthly update on the league and more importantly army progress!

17 minis in two weeks ain’t bad. Bikes are taking longer because I had this grand idea of doing them in a reverse scheme with red being the primary and gold the secondary. I choose to do my “regular” Custodies in the more traditional theme

Game 1 – Death Guard

I knew I was getting in over my head. I figured with my background I could easily slide back into 40k plus I use to play Age of Sigmar this should be easy and then I remembered that old Warhammer axiom.

Everything you have been told is a lie.

With no cheat sheets lined up and only my codex and BattleScribe print out. I was out of my depths. Luckily my opponent was in a similar situation so I wasn’t a drag on anyone’s game but instead our total game dragged out.

If anything I relearned the value of starting small I wouldn’t show a new player anything more than a 500 point game no matter how experienced they are. Between primary missions, secondary missions, and army-specific stratagems I hit decision overload rapidly.

My opponent had to forfeit for time, unfortunately. I decided to trade bikers in for terminators for the next game because I was impressed with the D3+3 damage from salvo weapons. Spoiler alert this was not the correct takeaway 😂

Game 2 – Imperial Guard

First off I’m terrible for not taking more pictures. This was a sleek deep-striking stormtrooper force that was packing enough plasma and melta weapons that they could have defibrillated the emperor off his golden throne.

TLDR: I need more minis and units. I got practically nuked off the board put pulled some tricks to only list 40-20.

Next week I’ll be crafting two army lists one that goes multiple small units heavy and one that has a special prize that is coming via eBay!

Thanks for reading and check back in two weeks for army progress and a step-by-step painting guide!

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