2021: A Year in Review

*Editors Note: I realize reading and writing about someone pontificating about their year in gaming is both a waste of time and cloud storage space, so I try to include as many links to different games or resources as possible. Hence, you at least walk away with something for your reading efforts. So with no further delay, the article.

If 2020 was a breakthrough year on how miniatures I could paint, 2021 was a year about games played. However, not in the way you would think pre-2020. Because of COVID restrictions, all of my Wargaming happened on Tabletop Simulator, and while it is a great program and a great way to get games in, it is not the same as in-person gaming. This started the gamer rabbit hole of solo games, which led to board games and trading card games. What began as a simple desire to play cards with my daughter led to a small business where I sell trading cards, among other things (coming in 2022).


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Top 3 Games Played

3: Battle for Moscow

While at first glance, this game seemed too basic for me, the more and more I look at other historical wargames (and try to design my own), the more I look back at BFM and think, wow, that’s brilliant. Plus, there is a solitare web browser version of the game at Oberlabs.

2: Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game

This is out of the left-field, I know; however, of all the TCGs I have played this year, the one I have honestly enjoyed the most. I did not play this game growing up and stumbled upon it while watching shows with my daughter on amazon prime. I started playing ‘kitchen table’ games with decks based on the anime and then started going to my FLGS to play. Playing Legacy on Magic The Gathering Online was very fun. Flesh and Blood at my previous local FLGS and on webcam were also very fun; even Force of Will has been a blast (probably my second favorite TCG); however, there is something about the gameplay, card art (I had to get over the cardstock quality) and the access to the game at both my locals and online with Dueling Nexus and the upcoming multiplatform online game in Master Duel.

1: Root: A Game of Woodland Might and Right

A multiplayer asymmetric objective board game based in a world that screens Redwall, I don’t know what there is not to love here. You can play it as a traditional board game or on the computer on Steam. My favorite faction is the Eyrie Dynasty, the bird faction that is the arch-rival of the Marquis de Cat and has to follow orders given to them to the T; otherwise, they fall into disarray and oust their ruler in favor of another species of bird that has a different play focus. If that sentence didn’t entice you, you need to check your pulse; I don’t think you made it to 2022

Top 3 games that I need to play more

3: Blood Bowl

I have a yearly realization that I should have played more Blood Bowl games but didn’t and do not have a good reason why. Hopefully, 2022 changes that, and hopefully, we finally get Blood Bowl 3 on Steam… the fact that this game is a direct port is godsent, and I need to see Monsterpoclypse do the same thing.

2: BattleTech

Second, only to Warhammer 40k in lore for a game (IMO). I love the scalability of the game and want to play one of those multiplayer everyone is 1-2 Mech games that I’ve seen at the FLGS before I knew what BattleTech was. This game is better than Adeptus Titicanicus and holds my top spot for mech combat games.

1: Epic Armageddon

I am all but sure when writing this blog to be going to Adepticon this year and participating in the Epic tournament. This is one of the best games ever made in the 40k universe. Meaningful tactical and strategic decisions and armies that play look and feel like they do in the novels. Also, I have only been able to play on TableTop Simulator, as seen on my YT Channel. I cannot wait to play this game in person.

Thanks for reading; I hope you have a great 2022, play many games, and hopefully, I can soon be posting the Beta Version of my Modern Combat Board Game! Also, check out my YouTube Channel for hopefully some gaming content that is not digital!

*Yes, I am both the editor and writer of this blog. I walk a fine line between Illeism and insanity

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