Monsterpoclypse: Month 3

It’s been just over 3 months since I started playing Monsterpoclypse, and with 20 games under my belt I thought this would be a good time for some reflections. I have thoughts on the miniature, as well as 5 key takeaways from my first 20 games.

TLDR: This game is a blast and the TTS League is keeping my sanity intact.


I’ve gone some what off the deep end, 10 Monsters 35 Units 14 Buildings painted so far. Monpoc Minis are really the 1-2 punch of good size miniature to paint and by the nature of the game, massive variety. One night I’m painting Dinos, the next Tanks, and the next Robot Apes. What’s not to love. Contrast paint just flows over these minis like a dream. I paint by blister, so almost every other day I have the satisfaction of finishing a project (even if its just 5 minis) and then moving on to something completely different.

The Game

Now, this is no manifesto, I probably wont make you a better player (I’m only a 40% win ratio) by reading this, but go to this link for smarter people.

Smarter People

What I can tell you, is what I have learned as a 20 year veteran wargamer but an utter noob to Monpoc.

  1. Play what you like, for real: We have all heard the pitch before, oh everything is playable and its usually garbage. This is not the case. Best advice if you are just starting, find the monster that really speaks to you, play some single monster games and then reach for a A or S tier monster to pair with and you will have a genuine great experience.
  2. Units securing buildings is kind of over-rated: It’s a case by case situation of course, however, I have come to find that being more selective on what and where units secure buildings is really the next level of play. Spamming the field might seem like a good idea, but all it takes is one good rampage or counter unit turn and you have just given you opponent extra power dice. Judicious use of units to secure buildings is key.
  3. Don’t rush your monsters into combat: It might seem counter-intuitive at first. But your opponent teases you with an exposed monster and you think, I won’t get a monster turn for 4 game rounds I need to start the piece trade. It is not in your advantage to do the first damage if it means giving up the double. Go brawl a building or some units and keep your monsters protected.
  4. In TTS change the angle of the camera while formulating your plan: There was a couple of times that I could benefited from changing my camera view because I made a misplay while counting spaces or didn’t see all the angles/vectors of my opponents attack.
  5. If you want to get better, seek out tough opponents: Everyone who plays on TTS is open, accessible, and friendly. If you are in a TTS event, hope you draw a very good player. The only way you are going to get better is to see what the game looks like when its fully unlocked. My worst losses were some of my best teaching moments. If you are getting disheartened think of it in terms in monster kills. If last time I only had 4 monster kills in the 5 round event and this time I have 6 kills in 5 rounds its progress! Don’t care about standings.

If you couldn’t tell, absolutely hooked on this game and so excited that there is an active online community that play it on TTS

As always, thanks for reading. Enjoy the hobby and check out my YT Channel@Decisive Operations

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