Getting into Kingdom Death Monster!

As I write this I have just finished my first campaign of Kingdom Death Monster (KD:M). The game has left such an impression on me that I wanted to catalog my experience mostly for me to look back on but also hopefully for anyone else thinking about getting into this universe.

First the miniatures:

At first, I only knew about KD:M from the ridiculous Kickstarter a few years back and the risqué miniatures. Honestly, I wasn’t really into the idea of an entire game of Slannesh (favorite Chaos God) gone wild but the pinup models have nothing to do with the game, to be honest.

KD:M is a gritty dark fantasy world, the line up of pinup miniatures (which I have grown to love) have nothing to do with the actual game. So if that’s not your jam you could play the game and all the expansions in its entirety without ever having to interact with that aspect of the game.

Second: The Story

I spent most of my time my first game thinking about my settlement and how I failed them for not innovating ammonia earlier in the campaign to make leather armor.

The gameplay is engaging, the way you organize your gear grid is a puzzle and the building of your settlement (which is the whole purpose of this game) is everything you loved about XCOM but in a fantasy world and cranked up to 11.

Third: The Campaign

This section will contain some small spoilers but nothing crazy.

My first campaign lasted until Lantern Year 16, where I took the opportunity that Shrouding Mists provides to make a new game +. For the record, I did play out the next hunt which was my last 4 survivors v Lv2 Butcher with the B level gear. I almost won by maxing out my Red Savior to go Super Saiyan but alas I am 0-2 v the Butcher.

The Starting Survivors! Fun Fact, Francis (the blonde male) was out on the hunt that Shrouding Mist happened and he is founding his second settlement)
The Pinups! This is a small selection of the pinups that exist in the KD:M.
People of the Sun? I randomly got these miniatures but don’t have the Sunstalker expansion that has the alternate campaign for People of the Sun. Still usable minis!
The White Lion. Your first monster hunt.
The Screaming Antelope. Sometimes it’s best not to ask what or why and just hunt.
The Phoenix. What would a dark fantasy game be without a creepy time manipulating bird?
Khârn the Betrayer…. err I mean the Butcher
The Kings Man
The Hand. Aka Mandalore the Great.
Two custom survivors created from the crazy amount of sprues and accessories you get to build additional characters.
Family Photo. I’m only missing The Watcher and Gold Smoke Knight from the Core Game which are still waiting to be painted until I get close enough to them in the campaign.

All things considered Kingdom Death Monster has quickly become my favorite game. The game is a beast in itself. Most games favor the player, not KD:M, this game favors Death. It’s Game of Thrones before the writers gave up, everyone will die terrible deaths, only the settlement matters.

Stay tuned for updates on the second campaign of People of the Lantern! This time I will be adding the Flower Knight!

As always, thanks for reading. Enjoy the hobby and check out my YT Channel@Decisive Operations

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