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The Calm Before the Storm

*Editors Note This is an unfinished post pre-unification wars. I’m publishing it in its unfinished state because I ain’t got the heart to delete it. Enjoy.


Alright, after a month of non-stop 6mm madness, I have found the perfect chance to take a break (waiting for more minis to arrive) and reflect on what has happened so far.

I ran into some interesting questions with Cav. I eventually settles on the classic V formation because if it worked for the Mighty Ducks, I’m sure it worked for Napoleon.

The biggest snag I have run into thus far is not having enough command stands. This is mostly my fault because I am basing my minis with two columns on each base, and for conscripts, I like the idea of one blob. The only issue is that I didn’t think about this before my initial Baccus order. So that’s yet another thing you need to think about before placing orders. Luckily Baccus minis are excellent, and I needed more anyway.

Washing has been the key to success with these minis. Even more so than on any other scale. I’m sure some of you can pick out the super details on each mini, but for us normies, the wash gives the face and uniform that depth needed.

I’m not a big fan of pausing projects so I am overly deliberate with laying out my units.


Painting these 6mm Napoleonics (and the loss of hobby space due to the twins) has opened the door for me to look at gaming on more minor scales. This is only natural since my plunge in historical gaming started with Chain of Command at 15mm.

I love the Old World, I love to rank and flank games, but I don’t particularly appreciate painting the exact mini 30 times to complete one unit. My thoughts with my Warmaster project are that I can play this game or even Kings of War at this scale and be able to provide multiple armies or an army for my opponent.

Warmaster has been a hobby within the hobby. Having to scour eBay or pick minis off local gamers, however there are some really good vendors out there.

Check out the Warmaster FB page for a complete list

I have personally order the Black Orcs from Polar Fox am really impressed.

Black Orcs from Polar Fox

To the Strongest

This is a game I haven’t played yet, but locally players are preparing to play it at 10mm so I figured why not throw my hat into the ring and at worse I’ll have a weird army for Warmaster.

To the Strongest! Products

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