The Calm Before the Storm


Painting these 6mm Napoleonics (and the loss of hobby space due to the twins) has opened the door for me to look at gaming on more minor scales. This is only natural since my plunge in historical gaming started with Chain of Command at 15mm.

I love the Old World, I love to rank and flank games, but I don’t particularly appreciate painting the exact mini 30 times to complete one unit. My thoughts with my Warmaster project are that I can play this game or even Kings of War at this scale and be able to provide multiple armies or an army for my opponent.

Warmaster has been a hobby within the hobby. Having to scour eBay or pick minis off local gamers, however there are some really good vendors out there.

Check out the Warmaster FB page for a complete list

I have personally order the Black Orcs from Polar Fox am really impressed.

Black Orcs from Polar Fox

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