“Blücher Will Be Victorious!”

Starting with the last entry, I am going in a new direction with my blog. It’s going to be a resource-laden monologue about me stumbling through projects and ideas. While this doesn’t sound too appealing at first glance, a semi-famous WW2 Lieutenant once said, “You know how you get to Carnegie Hall, don’t you? Practice.”

But seriously, it’s all about reps and sets. When I start a gaming project, buy a new appliance, try a new cooking recipe, or even buy a game for my kid, it starts the same way. Research. Hopefully, through the course of these entries, you will discover something you didn’t know about the hobby or even relate to the shared experience that wargaming provides. So now that I have justified that this blog is more than personal vanity (it’s probably, not but let me have my fantasies), let’s get this Napoleonic train going!

There is something about little Soldiers, in nice formations, that warms the heart.

It started in what can only be described as a fit of obsession. My friend Casey and I were determined to find a large scale Napoleonic Game.

I’ve played Sharp Practice on and off for two years and don’t get me wrong it’s a great game.

Two Fat Lardies

But I had the desire to move large formations, battalions and brigades, across the battlefield in epic dramas as portrayed in the books and…. classic Soviet films?

Its free! Thanks Socialism?

We waxed and we wained. I had Et Sans Resultant in and out of my shopping cart at least 30 times (I’ll probably play this too when I ‘graduate’ to 10m).

I remember at a previous Millennium Con, a local player, Alan, was running this game called Blücher. But I was young and restless and assured that 6mm was not for me. I knew 28mm was not the scale I wanted for this scale of battle. Even though I enjoyed playing a local game made by Clay Smith and the Dallas Forth Worth Irregulars, Le Baton.

Le Baton Rules again free! But not thanks to Socialism

In a late-night, whiskey infused purchasing frenzy, I finally broke down and purchased the ruleset for Blücher! What sold me, if I’m honest, was the gameplay coupled with the fact that there were rules for commanders and sub-commanders. It was the first game I saw, at this scale, that had that flavor. Big thanks to the Armchair Commander Channel’s coverage of this game. Even though it’s a long video, it attracted my attention.

Now that I decided on a game system, I labored over 10mm v 6mm. As I previously mentioned, I thought I was too cool for 6mm. That was a younger (12 months ago) less learned version of me. The newer, more Chad if you will, me is all about the smaller scales. Mostly because of the command decisions those games force compared to skirmish games. Also, the bases of little tiny dudes all ranked up nicely makes me feel good on the inside.

In the end, I went with 6mm. Part of me wishes I did 10mm because I could use those minis in games of Warmaster or what have you, but I’m thrilled with 6mm and especially with Baccus 6mm (one drawback is that if you are in the US, shipping is basically at the speed of your minis doing a forced march from Europe).

6mm Minis!

Now I was stricken with a new decision. Because what would Napoleonic gaming be without questions at every turn! I went for the standard 60x30mm bases for 6mm games. I know these are not the same size as the Blücher cards, but with smaller bases comes smaller responsibility (#BenParker). I am just kidding; it’s more maneuvers with less space! I get all my bases (magnetic) from Shogun.

Don’t make the mistake I did and think they didn’t make 60x30mm. They do, it’s 30x60mm. I felt stupid after that email.

Now I have a game system, a scale, a miniature range, and a base company. Let’s get paint on those minis! Stay tuned to see how this army comes together.

I will say one of the best things about Blücher is that while I’m still assembling and painting my minis, I can still play the game thanks to the cards!

The Campaign of Retribution has begun!

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