2020 Hobby Goals

Last year I wanted to push myself to paint more. I noticed that I was holding back in a lot of my projects and there were some specific colors or schemes that intimidated me to the point where I wouldn’t do them. I feel as if in the last year, I leveled up after challenging myself to paint 365 minis (I got 437 finished). Also, contrast paints helped, but after a while, It became more of a tool than a crutch.

This year I want to do something different. My wife and I are expecting twins in March, so I can only imagine that my hobby time will dramatically decline (for our first kid, I was averaging one mini a month for the first year). Also, while stress is useful and necessary for progress, I don’t want to stress myself to paint a specific number. Instead, I want to stress myself to complete projects before I jump to another. This goal is a lot fuzzier then claiming a particular amount, but I think it’s an appropriate change of pace.

Without any further ado, my hobby goals are as follows:

1) Define specific goals before I start a new project and do not start a new project until I finish the current one.

2) Reduce my clutter and minis that I’m not willing to commit to a project.

Boom, that’s it. Two attainable goals. The way the goal-setting should be!

As far as games I want to play, here is what I am projecting for this year:

1) Blücher


2) Marvel Crisis Protocol


3) Play a game of “By Fire and Sword”


4) Seven Days to the River Rhine


5) Buy expansions for Marvel Legendary and the Lord of the Rings LCG. I don’t normally mention these games but one is our go to family game and the other is my go to solo game when I don’t want to paint or be a productive adult.

6) Bonus goal: Find a fantasy game so I can use all these minis that are stuck in storage!

Current Project:

French Napoleonic 6mm Army

“So it begins” – Théoden, Lord of the Rohirrim

Potential Future Projects:

1) Marvel Crisis Protocol Minis that came out since the first wave

2) Finish my A Song of Ice and Fire (pyromancers and a few NCUs).

3) Opposing 6mm Force for Blücher.

That’s enough rambling for now. Now that the goals are set to let the new year begin! Thanks for reading check out my YT Channel @


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