September Hobby Progress

September Hobby Progress

It’s been a while it seems but it’s good to be back making videos. In this video I go over 33rd SS Charlemagne and Star Wars legion hobby progress. Enjoy!

Show Notes:

September 2019 Painting Guide

Star Wars Legion Fleet Troopers

Undercoat: Contrast Wraithbone Spray

Pants: Basicillum Grey Contrast

Leather: Snakebite Leather or Gorgrunter Fur

Packs: Black Templar Contrast

Guns: Light on Black Templar Grey

Vests: Black Templar Contrast

Jackets: Gryph Charger Grey Contrast

Star Wars Legion Pathfinders

Undercoat: Wraith Bone Contrast Spray 

Pants: One of four options: Black Templars Contrast, Levidon Blue Contrast, Snake Bite Leather Contrast, or leave it Zadari Dust and heavy Agrax Wash

Packs: Backpacks, Gore Grunter Brown or Gun Packs Administratum Grey with Nuln Oil Wash

Guns: Administratum Grey with a heavy Nuln oil wash

Vests: One of Four Options (not the same as the pants): Black Templar, Levidon Blue, Militarium Green, Zandari Dust and heavy agrax wash

Jackets: One of Four Options: Black Templar, Levidon Blue, Militarium Green, Zandari Dust and heavy agrax wash

33rd Waffen SS in Autum Oak Leaf

Undercoat: Zandari Dust Spray 

Undercoat Highlight: Dark Sand (Vallejo)

Skin: Cadian Fleshtoens, Agrax Wash

Leather: Mournfang Brown, Agrax Wash

Metal: Leadbelcher, Agrax Wash

Wood: Doombull Brown, Agrax Earthshade Wash

Panzerfaust: XV88, Agrax Wash

Camouflage: Done in the “Oakleaf Pattern”  Chocolate Brown

Bootst: XV88, Agrax Wash

Unit Insignia: White (Vallejo), Guilliman Blue, Mephiston Red 

Bedroll:German Cammo Dark Green

Pants: Fieldgrey, Dark Sand Highlight, Drakenhof NightShade

Canisters: Field Grey, Agrax Earthshade

Bases: Vallejo European Mud

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